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And here we are again, it's always such a pleasure. Remember when I tried to kill you twic- no wait, wrong song.


Topic of the day: don't mess with minotaurs / party planner…
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Remember this piece here? 04 - Betrayal? I liked how the stylized Gloomwing turned out so I wanted to "animate" it, so to have a sort of psychedelic effect ^^

art (c) :iconscissorsrunner:
Brimelle Ceremonial Clothing by ScissorsRunner
Brimelle Ceremonial Clothing
Ceremonial clothing & hairstyle!
That's how Brimelle would look like if she had to sing at an important event or ceremony ^^

Some minor details about this design:

She would still have her necklace with Astarin's (Branchala's) symbol and the three golden rings around her neck.
The two strands of hair that are caught right over her ears are wavy because those are the strands she usually keeps in braids that then join at the back of her head in one big single braid.
The yellow part and the corset are made of solid fabric while the light green part are made of a see-through veil-like one.
The golden parts in the third figure on top are not detachable as they are firmly sewn on the green parts of the outfit.
This outfit presents bot yellow and green, the colors of Branchala, the main god she is devoted to.
The golden parts in the lower right corner are the various golden parts present on the other pictures.
The pins that keep the two strands of hair over Brimelle's ears are of the shape of a Climacus, which is a Neume (the basic element of Western and Eastern systems of musical notation prior to the invention of five-line staff notation).

Everything (c) :iconscissorsrunner:
06 - Escaping Reality by ScissorsRunner
06 - Escaping Reality
01 - Decay
02 - A change of attire
03 - By the light of the moons
04 - Betrayal?
05 - Party Hard
06 - You're here!

She was pale as a corpse whilst they were traveling back to the third floor of the city of Thorbardin, surrounded by all of the clerics of the city, aside the cleric of Habbakuk who died giving his life for the cleric of Branchala in the fight against the Soul Eater, fight that happened only a few moments before. She wasn't feeling sick because she was tired, it was more the sight of all the various corpses of the dead dwarves that were decaying right in front of her eyes at an accelerated pace which was giving her stomach a hard time. But, after all, that was the sign that they succeeded and that the souls of those who died in that place were finally saved and could proceed in their next stage.
She sighed as Vorador muttered a few words of comfort to try and avoid that the centaur would puke her esophagus out in front of all those clerics. As they reached the surface, the party was greeted by an exultant crowd. Some called them "Heroes!" other "Saviours!"; Brimelle could do nothing but blush.
Later that day, Brimelle, Kon es Kaz, Vorador, Aliranne and Ruru were all sitting in the tavern, the Sacred Anvil, drinking and celebrating in the intimacy of that almost-desert place. Some colour had returned to the girl's cheeks, but she was still feeling a bit queasy, only a teeny tiny little bit.
Suddenly, the door of the tavern opened and footsteps could be heard on the stone floor approaching the group. Brimelle and her companions turned to look at the newly arrived dwarf, a kid nonetheless, who stood right in front of them.
"Ahem, the... the Council would like to have a private meeting with you.."
He muttered in his squeaky voice. The companions looked at each other before standing up, going to follow the young dwarf through all of the second floor of that city encased in rock till they reached the headquarters of the Council. As they entered the imposing building, they were greeted with reverence by all the people present at the time. What happened next was mostly an elegy made by Isarn Maglioardente himself accompanied by the gifting of a brooch for every "hero" that would have testified their heroic deeds to anyone of dwarven lineage. The five companions accepted the gift before being accompanied into another room where a team of female dwarves measured them for the construction of a set of life-sized statues, always in their honor.
In the end, they were able to exit the Council headquarters, wanting to proceed back to the tavern, sleep and arrange for their next destination, but they weren't prepared for what was awaiting them. The square antecedent the building they just got out of was crammed with dwarves, all shouting and clapping hands at the unusual party. It was only in that moment that Brimelle realized the real importance of their deed, fighting the Soul Eater and freeing the trapped dwarven souls. She felt so blissfully embarassed that, if the coulour hadn't returned to her visage till that moment, now she even looked more red that she usually was, her freckles almost appearing lighter than her skin tone. And then, delirium.
A mother asked Vorador if her daughter (nota bene, a toddler) could become his wife. Immediately. A group of three children gathered around Aliranne asking her to perform her magic, which she did by conjuring three dancing lights, and then stubbornly insisting that they wanted to "learn how to magic too". A few other kids decided to importunate the kender, but he was able to keep them at bay with a demonstration of his hoopak. Two dwarves presented themselves to Kon es Kaz, offering him and his companions a beer at the Sacred Anvil that same afternoon/evening, and offer that the minotaur gladly accepted. And then there was Brimelle.
A little girl, older than the other kids albeit not a teenager, made her way through the crowd, shyly standing in front of the big centaur. Brimelle lowered her head as soon as she heard that voice spoke.
"Excuse me, miss..."
The words poured down with awkwardness mixed with agitation from her tiny lips.
"Can I..."
She didn't finish the sentence, as if afraid that her words could become alive and eat her awhole. She simply raised her hand, pointing with her tiny, puffy fingers the back of her interlocutor. Brimelle smiled warmly, a smile full of motherly love. Without a word, she bent down, kneeling on her front legs.
"Come on, jump in."
She uttered gently. The little girl smiled too, excited. She jumped towards the equine body, climbing up the side and crawling until she reached the top. As soon as she was secured on top of her, Brimelle neared the crowd, asking gently.
"Sorry to be a bother, but could you please make wa-"
She could finish her sentence that one of the dwarves that crammed the place was already shouting out loud.
A magician couldn't have done a better work; the crowd splitted in two creating a course that could even bring the traveler back to the starting point. Brimelle flushed once more, not used to all of this attention nor respect for her words. She patted the little girl on the back.
"Hold on tight."
She whispered and the girl obliged. The centaur closed her eyes, breathing in the warm air of the underground city in her lungs. She reared with a yell before launching herself into a wild ride. How long had it been since the last time she had run so fast, unbridled? A long time for sure. All her worries seemed to escape her mind, slipping away, not able to keep hold of the fast-running centaur, falling on the stone floor of the city, between the cheering crowd.
Soon enough she felt as if she was able to escape reality altogether. She wasn't in Thorbardin anymore, she was somewhere else, but she couldn't tell. Her mind no longer registered the hot temperature due to the underground forge nor the screaming of the people around her.
It was only her, the kid and the road.
And nothing else mattered.

All (c) :iconscissorsrunner:
05 - Party Hard by ScissorsRunner
05 - Party Hard
01 - Decay
02 - A change of attire
03 - By the light of the moons
04 - Betrayal?
05 - You're here!
06 - Escaping Reality

When on the road to Panthalas, Hurroo Hurroo
When on the road to Panthalas, Hurroo Hurroo
When on the road to Panthalas
A stick in the hand, A tear made of glass
I heard cry a doleful lass
Johnny I hardly knew ya

Oh, how happy she felt in that moment.
Where are the eyes that looked so mild, Hurroo Hurroo
Where are the eyes that looked so mild, Hurroo Hurroo
Where are the eyes that looked so mild
When my poor heart you first beguiled
Why did ya run from me and the child
Johnny I hardly knew ya

She felt relieved.
We had guns and drums and drums and guns, Hurroo Hurroo
We had guns and drums and drums and guns, Hurroo Hurroo
We had guns and drums and drums and guns
The enemy never slew ya
Johnny I hardly knew ya

It reminded her of the centaurs parties she used to have when she was back in Silvanesti.
Where are the legs with which you run, Hurroo Hurroo
Where are the legs with which you run, Hurroo Hurroo
Where are the legs with which you run,
When first you went to carry a gun
Indeed your dancing days are done
Johnny I hardly knew ya

Drunk, light-headed, she loved it.
You haven't an arm, you haven't a leg, Hurroo Hurroo
You haven't an arm, you haven't a leg, Hurroo Hurroo
You hadn't an arm, you hadn't a leg
You're a armless, boneless, chickenless egg
You'll have to be put with the bowl to beg
Johnny I hardly knew ya

Everything was swirling around her in a strange turmoil of excitement and confusion.
I'm happy for to see ya home, Hurroo Hurroo
I'm happy for to see ya home, Hurroo Hurroo
I'm happy for to see ya home
On the shores of Balifor...

She paused. Her drunken voice sounded way more crystalline than usual. After all the pain she had witnessed that morning while she was tending the bodies of the injured mountain dwarves simply slipped away from her mind. Ruru was by her side, drunk as she was, maybe even more drunk, clinging onto her arm, swinging from it like on an actual swing. She smiled and, for the first time since that adventure started, she felt happy, at home.
She smiled wider, sucking in her breath to finish the song.

Johnny I hardly knew ya


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